Fieldwork Methods Book

Fieldwork Methods Book

Our project rests on fieldwork done in, among other places, China, India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico and Morocco. We wrote a book about it:

Research, Ethics and Risk in the Authoritarian Field  

by Marlies Glasius, Meta de Lange, Jos Bartman, Emanuela Dalmasso, Aofei Lv, Adele Del Sordi, Marcus Michaelsen and Kris Ruijgrok.

The book offers a set of reflections on our fieldwork experiences in seven countries within the framework of the ‘Authoritarianism in a Global Age’ project. With this book, we are responding to the demand for increased attention to methodological rigor and transparency in qualitative research, and seeking to advance and practically support field research in authoritarian contexts.

We offer our insights into this particularly challenging area of field research, making explicit how we handled methodological challenges and ethical dilemmas, and offering recommendations where appropriate. We hope the book will prove valuable to early career researchers and experienced scholars alike.

Find the book online for free or buy a hard copy at Palgrave Macmillan.

Adventures of Alice

We also created a comic strip series, in which our fictional heroine Alice encounters some of the challenges we discuss in the book. The series was the brainchild of Adele Del Sordi, and was realized by Public Cinema.