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Upcoming Lecture: Sponsoring student mobility as a source of authoritarian stability.

Sponsoring student mobility as a source of authoritarian stability: the case of Kazakhstan

Asia Updates Series

24 May, 2017 17.00-18.00

Why should an authoritarian regime run the risk of sending students abroad and letting them back with a potentially destabilizing political baggage? Adele Del Sordi (UvA) discusses how contemporary authoritarian regimes manage external influences and in some cases turn them effectively into a source of political stability. She questions the assumption that globalization is bringing only challenges to autocracies. (more…)

New publication: ‘From the web to the streets: internet and protests under authoritarian regimes.’

By Kris Ruijrok.

The idea of internet as a liberation technology seems to have long gone. Whereas just after the Arab Spring many commentators spoke about ‘Facebook-protests’ and ‘Twitter-revolutions’, this time around we mainly hear about how smart authoritarian states have become in their online censorship, surveillance and internet-propaganda.  (more…)