Upcoming: Authoritarianism Beyond the State

ECPR Joint Sessions UCL Mons, 8-12 April 2019

Workshop directors Marlies Glasius (UvA) and David Lewis (Exeter)

Political science has struggled to adequately understand and conceptualise the rise of authoritarianism in global politics in the first decades of the 21st century. Academic research continues to focus primarily on regime type, perceived primarily through the lens of the nation-state. The most basic divide has been between authoritarian states, associated with lack of accountability and high levels of coercion, and democratic states which have adequate accountability mechanisms and allow political life to take shape by way of freedom of association and freedom of expression. Simply focusing on regime type, however, has become increasingly unproductive for contemporary political scientists. In this workshop we open up the research agenda on comparative authoritarianism by addressing authoritarianism in ways that are no longer confined by the ‘territorial trap’ (Agnew, 1994) of the modern state.

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Expert Seminar 'Authoritarian Practices Beyond National Regimes'

In July 2-3 2018 we organised the end conference of the Authoritarianism in a Global Age project, at the University of Amsterdam. The aims of the conference were (i) to present the research and conclusions of the Authoritarianism Global project, (ii) to be a platform for presenting findings from other cutting-edge work at the interface of authoritarianism and various forms of globalization, and (iii) to bring together an unusual group of pioneering scholars from different subfields to think through what should be urgent new research agenda’s in the study of democracy and authoritarianism. Find more detailed information in the programme.

Participants: Fiona B. Adamson, Thomas Ambrosio, dr. André Bank, Jos Bartman, Emanuela Dalmasso, Ron Deibert, Adele De;l Sordi, Marlies Glasius, Imke Harbers, John Heathershaw, Arne Hintz, Bert Hoffman, Natalie Koch, Tomila Latinka, Ting Luo, Aofei Lv, Marcus Michaelsen, Catherine Owen, Jennifer Pan, Kris Ruijgrok, Garisimos, Tsourapas, Fariza Tolesh, Ben Wagner, Sam Wrighton.

Roundtable 'In the Authoritarian Field: Reflections on Ethics, Risk, and Method'

held at APSA 2017, San Francisco, CA, on September 2nd, 2017

In this roundtable, we reflected on our recent experiences doing political science fieldwork in a number of different authoritarian contexts, discussing the challenges of the authoritarian field holistically and cross-regionally with a number of experienced and emerging experts on the Middle East, the post-Soviet Sphere and East Asia. Responding to the demand for increased attention to methodological rigor and transparency in qualitative research, this roundtable considered dilemma’s and best practices from a particularly challenging area of such research.

The roundtable included many of the points of discussion that are treated in our upcoming volume 'Research, Ethics and Risk in the Authoritarian Field'.

International Seminar: 'The Subnational State in Latin America: Institutions, Citizenship and Regime Type Within and Across States'

16-17 March 2017

Participants: Abbey Steele, Agustina Giraudy, Andrés Vargas, Carla Alberi, Heather Sullivan, Imke Harber, Jos Bartman, Juan Fernando Ibarra Del Cueto, Juan Pablo Luna, Juan Vargas, Kelly McMann, Mariano Sanchez Talanquer, Mario Chacón, Marlies Glasius, Matthew Cleary, Melissa Rogers, Micah Gell Redman, Paolo Spada, Pribble, Jenny, Rodrigo Rodrigues-Silveira, Silvia Alejandra Otero Bahamon, Yanilda Gonzalez, Zuluaga, Paula.

Find detailed information of the seminar in the programme here.

International Expert Seminar: ‘Authoritarian Power and Practices in a Digital Age’

22-23 September 2016

Participants: Adele Del Sordi, Anita Gohdes, Aofei Lv, Ben Wagner, Christian Göb

el, Edin Omanovic, Emanuela Dalmasso, Florian Töpfl, Jaclyn Kerr, Kris Ruijgrok, Marcus Michaelsen, Marlies Glasius, Nils Weidmann, Philipp N. Howard, Sarah McKune, Becky Kazansky, Stefania Milan, Bill Marczak and Tianguang Meng.

Find detailed information of the seminar in the programme here.

International Expert Seminar: ‘Authoritarian Governance of Overseas Citizen’

21-22 September 2015

Participants: Adele Del Sordi, Aofei Lv, Dana Moss, Darshan Vigneswaran, Emanuela Dalmasso, Gerasimos Tsourapas, Imke Harbers, Jos Bartman, Kris Ruigrok, Marcus Michaelson, Maria Koinova, Marlies Glasius, Min Ye, Nicole Hirt and Oleg Korneev.

Find detailed information of the seminar programme here.


Workshops: Ethics and risks in the authoritarian field

14 May and 15 December 2014

During the first ethics workshop organized by the ERC research projects GLOBAL AUTHORITARIANISM (Marlies Glasius) and SECURCIT (Rivke Jaffe), we discussed potential ethical dilemmas and best practices around a number of themes.  For more detailed information see the programme of the first workshop here and the programme of the second workshop here.

International Expert Seminar: Conceptualising and openrationalizing authoritarianism

6 - 7 June 2014

Participants: Pedro Ramos Pinto, Agustina Giraudy, Andreas Schedler, Baogang He, Carles Boix, David Beetham, Imke Harbers, Jason Brownlee, Jennifer Gandhi, Jørgen Møller, Jos Bartman, Kelly McMann, Lisa Wedeen, Marlies Glasius, Milan Svolik, Oisin Tansey and Todd Landman.

Unlike in the study of democracy, there is a dearth of contemporary conceptual work on the nature of authoritarian rule. In this groundbreaking seminar, we reflected on whether authoritarianism is more than the opposite or residual of democracy, considered to what extent it is characterized by durable features beyond temporal and spatial variation, and whether it makes sense to think of authoritarian rule at levels other than the sovereign state. Following on from this, we considered how one might operationalize contemporary authoritarian rule, and what consequences reconceptualization might have for empirical measurement. Find the programme of the seminar and read the notes.

Publication: ‘Reconceptualizing Authoritarianism’ APSA-Comparative Democratization-Newsletter. Glasius, M., et.al. (2015)